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Cut to Length We are manufacturers & exporters of complete Cut to Length Machines for heavy duty coils of Mild Steels, Carbon Sheets and also for Carbon Band saw coils as per sizes and detailed specifications according to requirements

Mild Steel Coils and Carbon Steel Coils
Maximum OD and minimum OD
Minimum thickness 0.5 mm x 1" Width
Maximum thickness 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 mm x 12" to 78" width
Coil weight minimum to maximum

Technical Specifications
1. Motorized Re coiler and Non - Motorized De coiler
2. Auto shearing operations for length cutting as per length by
Digital Length Counter set up.
3. After cutting specified length, restart operation for repeating
cycle manually and auto both.
4. Measurement in mm or inches.
5. Coil released ( for unloading ) manually for take out.
6. ID of Re-Coiler ( inner Dia. ) with suitable expanding facilities
for clamping from inside.
7. Capacity up to 0 to any length, measurement (maximum out coil
length can be sheared).
Cut to Length 8. ID of De coiler ( input coil side ) suitable to input coil ID.
9. Outer dia. of Re-coiler and De-coiler to be specified
10.Speed O to 50 meter / minute variable speed.
11.Accuracy + / - in meter length.
12.Oil collector ( Tray )
13.Stamping provision for marking on sheet or strip at every feet
of length with provision of stamping length for change of size
of Stamping Block.
14.Pause function.
15.Tooling box ( attached with machine )
16. Power failure, memory recovery provision.
17. Layout drawings

Cut-to-length line:
Coil stand
Coil car
Un coiler
Pinch roller
Leveler machine
Fine leveler
Shearing machine
Cut to Length Conveyor
Run-out roller
Hydraulic system
Pneumatic system
Lubrication system
Control table

Cut-To-Length Line is designed for shearing various kinds of Steel Coils such as Hot & Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Coil, and Galvanized Steel Coil. etc.


We are also manufacturers and exporters Complete plant of Coil Slitting Machines 0.2 mm to 6 mm or more thickness x 1000 mm to 2000 mm with all automatic systems

Steel coil slitting line:
Coil car
Un coiler
Hold down roll
Leveler machine
Shearing machine
Straightener Side guide
Slitter machine
Scrap winder machine
Loop table
Tension station
Re coiler
Coil Car
Hydraulic system
Electrical system
Lubrication system

Inclinable Stacker Decoiler Coiler