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Before describing the products and methods, outlined here is briefly the elements of Rolling technique and giving simple meanings of the terms used .

Steel bars which are Hot rolled to sections (Squares) ranging 6 inches to 2 inches square, for further rolling to finished sections or strip.

Heavy sections billets rolled from cast ingots in a Blooming or Cogging Mill.

Cast Ingots which may vary in weight from 1 to 2 tons up to 10 tons or more. In case of Non-ferrous metals like Brass, Copper, Aluminum etc. ingots are flat rectangular section slabs from which strip is rolled.

M.S. fabricated/cast iron housings of robust designs can be fitted on rails or M. S. fabricated type foundation plates suitable or width of Rollers.

Roll adjusting gears - Hand or Single motor type on the smaller mills, two motors with magnetic clutch and brakes on the large mills.

Roll removable gear sledge type on the larger mills, rail type on the Smaller Mill.

Machine cut Gears / single Helical / Double Helical totally enclosed reduction gears and pinions with Oil Circulating System. In many cases reduction gears and pinions are enclosed in a single case.

Couplings / Wobblers & Wobblers Shafts / Universal Couplings, Spindles with laminated synthetic resin bearing pads.

"FLOOD" lubrication to Rolls Neck Bearings of Non-Ferrous Metals, Roller Bearings can be fitted as preferred.

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