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The press frame is completely M. S. fabricated with plates in between two I-Beams which are bolted & welded to the plates and table is made from slab which is welded to the body plates with rigid supports. Special design nut housing for fitting special quality Manganese Bronze - Acme threaded nut with double check nuts. Alloy forged steel Screw is machined and fitted in Nut. The end of the screw is machined for fitting Friction flywheel with replaceable leather belt with ring bolted on the flywheel.Other end of screw is machined, Thrust bearing is fitted with check nuts and bolted in the solid MS block called RAM, which is completely machined and moving Up & Down in V-grooved guides welded to the press. Ram slides on the ribs with adjustable guide ribs bolted to the Ram body. The press body is welded with two arms fabricated with plate boxes.Special pedestals fitted with G. M. Bushes are bolted on the arms.The friction discs shafts runs in the bushes. Friction disc are fitted in keyways which are adjustable with check nuts to adjust distance between disc after wear and tear of leather belt.The machine can be operated Manually / Hydraulically as required for moving of Ram.

The Ejector works through the Bolster plate which can be operated mechanically by foot/hand or hydraulically. Ejector is adjustable type by screw fitted in between, so forging parts come automatically by moving Ram up.

These are used primarily for Embossing components for Jewelry industry,Coins, Medals, Dials and Cases for Pocket Medals, Ornaments, Metal Plates, Handles, Knives, Spoons, Forks, Any Household items, Stove Parts, Burners, Nickel and Silver Goods.

These are used for heavy duty Embossing work, requiring heavy powerful and pressure on them i.e. Embossing designs on Cutlery made of Stainless Steel, Silver, Gold Plated, Surgical Instruments and Formed pressed components for Motor Cars, Carriage Industry for Hot Working Steel, Brass, Aluminum and also for cutting, bending, automobile parts, Valves, LPG parts, Industrial Valve Parts, making Navsagar bars, Mica bricks as per Dies.

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Endless Riveted Chrome Leather Belt for Friction Screw Press

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