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Forging has replaced hand forging where the working and shaping of metal particularly steel, requires a substantial amount of power. Simple flat dies of inexpensive design are used to facilitate the forging operation. Two Dies are used of which one is attached to the movable ram, and the other is mounted on the stationary anvil of the machine.

Hammers are designed for light forging operations. These machines are of several types, but most of them are operated mechanically. A typical, small Power hammer is operated by an adjustable crank. A connecting rod attached to the crank applies motion to the Hammer head. A heavy spiral spring is used to obtain an elastic blow, which removes danger of breakage and also prevents undue shock to the machine. Power Hammer is of compact construction and occupies a small area. The motor is mounted on a separate stand, free from all vibrations of the Hammer. Force and elasticity are given to the blow of the Hammer, design of the operating mechanism and providing rubber cushions which insure the working parts and reducing their wear and breakage. The positive operation of the hammer is obtained by connecting its ram with the crank. The length of the stroke is adjusted by shifting the position of crank pin in the slot in the balance wheel. The adjustment makes it possible to obtain strokes of various length. Full length strokes are needed for some of the shapes that may be forged on the Small Power Hammers.

Hammers are used for Table Knife Blades, Drawing out the Prongs, Garden and other Forks.

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