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FOR SALE Newly manufactured Sheet Straightening Machine
Total Rolls - 17
Feeder Rolls - 2
Working Rolls - 15
Roll Diameter - 50mm (2 inches)
Roll Length - 675mm (27 inches)
Complete with electricals

Sheet Straightening Machine Sheet Straightening Machine
Sheet Straightening Machine Sheet Straightening Machine

Straightening machine THE MACHINE
Machine provide a range of out standing thick plates and precision of Dead Flat Sheets in Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals. They operate on the Principal employing 5 to 25 ROLLS relatively big and small diameter backed up to 1,2,3 and 5 rows of support rolls, which prevent the work rolls from deflecting under the loading.

Rolls are of Carbon Chrome Alloy Steel Hardened to 85-90.Scleroscope on the Barrel, Mounted in Slide stock bearings of Phosphorous Bronze/ Roller/Spherical/Needle bearings entirely surrounding the roll journal. All the rolls are individually driven by couplings/wobblers & wobblers Shafts / Universal couplings of special design, from totally enclosed pinion box.

are arranged in Rows or banks, of 2,3,4,5 rows along the length of the working rolls at all times.

are machined from solid Nickel Chrome Steel Forgings with single helical machine cut teeth gears and carried on Phosphorous Bronze block bearings mounted in the main pinion box.

ROLL HOUSINGS are steel and rest on the steel bed plate of ample strength and rigidity. Bed plate forms for the driving motor and worm reduction unit, the output shaft of shear pin coupled to the gear box.

OPPERATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS are provided to all sizes of Machines.

TOP WORKING ROLLS and support rolls bodily adjustable vertically by the large central hand wheel, through machine. Gearing twin screws in each housing. The screws work in nuts and the top gear is totally enclosed in the casing which bearing blocks are lifting rods taking the weight of the main bearing Block.

TOP ROLLS Block has half round rumious at each end, The sheet main & support Rolls, are adjustable in a radial path by means of the hand lever which works around with this adjustment in operation and until it finally emerges in a dead flat sheet.

UPPER ROLL neck bearings at each end can be adjusted Individually to permit the upper rolls to being accurately lined up with the lower set.

MACHINE is provided with special adjustment for flexing work rolls and will remove the buckles and produce good flat sheet.

LUBRICATION is by dip and flash in the driving gear box. The roll driving pinions and the couplings are totally enclosed and sprayed with oil from a external pump.

MAIN WORKING ROLLS and the support roll bearing are arranged for greasing & oiling by grease gun in a each bearing block.

OPERATING SPEED of the machines can be any normal condition, constant or variable speed driving motors can be fitted.

Straightening machine Straightening machine Straightening machine